Friday, April 01, 2011

Dandy news for Lone Star State! (No, not an April Fool's joke)

Below you'll find  just dandy news about workers in Texas.  What's that old saying about thanking God for Mississippi?  Now those folks are thanking the good Lord for Texas! 

States with the highest percentage of workers earning at or below minimum wage:

Texas: 9.5 percent, 550,000 workers

Mississippi: 9.5 percent, 63,000

Alabama: 9.3 percent, 106,000

West Virginia: 9.3 percent, 40,000

Louisiana: 8.9 percent, 87,000

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

[Reported by the Houston Chronicle]

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Anonymous said...

"The higher proportion of hourly paid workers who are earning at or below the minimum wage is reflective of our low high school and college completion rates"

Anonymous said...

Driven by the # of illegals in the state

Anonymous said...

If that's a driver, why aren't other border states - CA AZand NM - on that list?

Anonymous said...

Dishonest bookeeping driven by the socialists