Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lazarus reprise

So, we've been looking for "Lazarus" (see yesterday's post) over the past week or so.  He was nowhere to be found. . .until late Tuesday afternoon. 

As I left the T. Boone Pickens YMCA after working out, I spotted him seated on a sidewalk bench at the corner of San Jacinto and Ervay, in the shadow of the gigantic First Baptist Church.  Immediately I contacted Lisa Ciminelli, Director of Social Work Services at CitySquare and asked her to join us for a conversation.  While waiting for her to arrive, I talked to the man I've called "Lazarus." 

In fact, his name is Eddie. 

He came to Dallas 12 years ago from a city in another part of the country. 

With pride he informed me that back home he was state Golden Gloves champ three years running. 

He's been on the street for 10 years. 

About two years ago he suffered a stroke. 

The street is mean, like a cruel machine designed to eat up and compromise life an hour at a time.

We'll keep working with our friend in a manner that seems best to him. 

To be honest, I hope he will soon be able to move into our building across the street from the corner he's been calling home for far too long. 

We need Eddie inside. 

I'll keep you posted.

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Mama de Ryan and Zane said...

I hope so. We would welcome him with open arms.