Saturday, April 02, 2011

Plan for Public Education by Mayoral Candidate Mike Rawlings

Dallas mayoral candidate, Mike Rawlings is out with his plan for how the City of Dallas can help improve the Dallas Independent School District. 

Read the plan here

One interesting aspect of the Rawlings plan involves recruiting a volunteer army of senior citizens to assist in the schools. . .Rawlings says up to 300,000! 

One thing you can say for Mike, he dreams big. 

My experience working with him when he was homeless czar for Dallas confirmed that he puts his money and his effort where his mouth is. 

Interesting race at t his point.



Anonymous said...

Really, a volunteer cadre of 300,000 seniors - what a waste of blog space and time. My solution is to disolve DISD, and place the learning disabled in suburban school districts in some kind of politically correct racial/cultural balance.

Anonymous said...

Dallas is the next large city to experience urban decay similar to some of the rust belt cities. I don't believe there is any turning it around. The high and increasing percentage of low income citizens assures a declining tax base. Further, we are now at the point where the school district is severely hampered by cultural and language handicaps with no way to overcome them. The school district will continue its decline, and race based politics will continue its escalation and domination of the local government.

I believe this is a realistic assessment of the school district and the city in general. "Pie in the sky" use of some tremendous volunteer group such as a cadre of senior citizens, is a fine campaign concept, but totally unworkable and implausible.

Anonymous said...

Well, now that we've all slit our wrists after the negative Anon twins had their say ...

Actually, I think we have several good candidates this year. Rawlings certainly brings a lot of experience to the table, but I think Kunkle was a good Chief of Police. Nice to be picking from some really qualified candidates.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Larry!