Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Cast a Vote in Pepsi Refresh Everything contest: Help DC Middle School!

My friend, Matt Worthington teachs at MacFarland Middle School in Washington, DC.  Read what he sent me recetnly and then go here to vote for his project via the Pepsi Refresh Everything contest.  Or, look just above at the voting widget to cast your ballot of support!

I'm emailing you asking for your blog support. My middle school, MacFarland Middle School in DC Public Schools (Waiting For Superman) is currently in the running to win $50,000 for an Apple Mobile Learning Lab through the Pepsi Refresh Everything contest. To be truthful, we're broke and with the nearly $800,000 we had to cut from our budget, we have absolutely no money for new technology in our building because the priority is maintaining staff. It's not the District's fault either, because I know they're working hard to get schools more money, but it's just not happening. So we enrolled in Pepsi's contest and now our project is live!

But we need votes. We're currently ranked 24 (down from 21) out 258 contestants, but in order to get the grant we have to rank top 10. I'm emailing you to ask for your advocacy during the month of June to ask your followers to vote for MacFarland at

Here's three ways MacFarland Friends and Family can vote everyday:

1. Register to Vote & Vote Here Everyday

2. Text "107022" to 73774 (NO REGISTRATION REQUIRED)

3. POWER VOTING DAILY at our profile page using 10-digit codes found under Pepsi Bottle Caps and other Pepsi Products.

All in all, people can vote potentially 12 times a day, with a minimum of 52 votes cast per person everyday and a maximum 1002 votes using Pepsi's POWER VOTES.

Also, if you're able to do embed widgets on your blog, our profile page has some HTML code that you can plug right into a HTML widget and it'll have a little badge on your blog you can use for the month of June.

Let me know if you can support. We'd desperately appreciate it.

-Matt Worthington


belinda said...

i tried to vote but i was never able to type the words to verify i wasn't a robot. PetFinder had something similar and they had to go to a different verification system because so many people had problems with it.

Anonymous said...

Public school, Belinda?