Friday, June 17, 2011

Proliferation of non-profit organizations!

This is very interesting to me. . .

As of 2010, National Center for Charitable Statistics reports:

Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs) in Texas--73,670

NPOs in North Texas--20,868

Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) registered NPOs--20,868

Revenues < $100K--17,343

Revenues $100K and < $1 Million--2,503

Revenues $1 million and <$5 Million--641

Revenues over $5 Million--381

DFW adjusted for hospitals, churches and large educational institutions--12,509

Revenues <$100K--10,019 (80.1%)

Revenues $100K and <$1 Million--1,782 (14.2%)

Revenues $1 million and <$5 Million = 454 (3.6%)

Revenues over $5 Million--254 (2.0%)





Lorlee said...

There must be a lot of overlap on administration etc. Is there someway to have more coordination so that more resources actually reach those who need them.

I read there were something like 10,000 NGO's in Haiti and still the country is in dire straits. Certainly it would be better with fewer groups.

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when the government becomes the primary client. A market responds to demand and the government formalizes the demand process. To participate in the market, the "supplier" must formally organize and be recognized. Whatever happened to giving food, clothes, and money to your neighbor?

Anonymous said...

I amd surprised there are over 250 orgs in DFW with revenue over $5M. That's a pretty good size, and I would not have guessed there were that many. And another 450 over $1M.

Are these broken down by type of organization? What do these orgs do?