Saturday, July 16, 2011

Employment and low-skilled fathers

A major and growing priority here at CitySquare involves the provision of hard and soft workforce skills for our unemployed and underemployed neighbors.  Anything that relates to job readiness and job creation attracts our attention.  The following brief focuses on increasing employment options for fathers who attempt to negotiate our economy without the necessary skills to earn a living wage. 

Pathways to Employment

Finding a good job that pays a living wage and offers opportunity for advancement is a value embedded in the American Dream. Despite this promise, many Americans are unable to receive the education and training they need to obtain stable employment with good wages, or end up in low-paying jobs that provide inadequate benefits and little opportunity for advancement. Numerous community colleges, community-based organizations and government entities have developed programs that create a pathway to employment focusing on areas such as job training, job readiness, placement, retention and advancement, and workforce supports.

For a list of key research that summarizes efforts to create a pathway to employment for low-income families click here.

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