Tuesday, July 12, 2011

We're all homeless

For more on We Are All Homeless click here.


Anonymous said...

Larry, although I rarely agree with you I do enjoy the dialog when I post and I regularly access your site to see what's going on. One of the off-putting experiences I have with your site is that you don't resize embedded video to allow the view to see the entire screen. Below is a snip of two segments of the code used to embed the video related to your "We are all homeless" post.

object style = "height: 390px; width: 640px" > < para name = "movie" value="

... allow Script Access= " always" width = "640" height = "390"> < / object

If you change the code to use these values instead of those automatically provided by the embedding function the video will resize:

object style = "height: 290 px; width: 440px" > < para name = "movie" value ="

... allow Script Access = "always" width = "440" height = "290" > < /object

All you need to do is change the first digit of the height/width ratio value in a proportionate manner. In this case I moved from 6nn x 3nn to 4nn x 2nn.

Play around with this and you'll find it easy to ensure the video will fit neatly into the space allowed by Blogger.

By the way. We are NOT all homeless. My home is surrounded by homes. Most are paid for by mortgage holders who go work every day to earn the funds to pay their bills. The speaker in this video seems like a guy who is making investments in himself (a good thing to do for awhile), but who has no one to take care of (not a good long-term strategy).

foodforthought said...

great video, great post. thanks for sharing.


Larry James said...

Thanks, Anon 5:18!

Rrramone said...

Anon, thanks for your comments. Larry, thanks for posting.

The point of "we are all homeless" is not a literal one. I also own a home as many of the people I know do. It's simply to acknowledge all of us (including the homeless) are human. I believe it's easy to marginalize the man on the street holding a sign, and invent a story about him that helps me deal with my decision to help or not.

My experience in talking to these folks over the past 18 years while buying their signs is that they all have a unique story, and that I have more in common with their struggles than I would have thought.

It's simply about raising the level of compassion in all of us, including me.