Friday, August 26, 2011

Dr. King remembered


Anonymous said...

That looks great. The Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln Memorials are beautiful in a grand (dare I say monumental) way. But the last time I was in DC I went to the FDR Memorial for the first time. It was much more subdued in scale, but very well done, and really moving. This new MLK Memorial reminds me of the FDR, and is really fitting.


Anonymous said...

It reminds me of something one would see in the old Soviet Union.

Larry James said...

ANON 6:03, thanks so much for posting your real attitude. This is helpful because very often I talk to people who just don't believe there are people around like you. I keep telling folks that there are many like you. I find your comment despicable, disgusting and frightening. Your attitude drives the division we all see in the US today. Thank God for Dr King and for all who sacrificed so much for change and justice in this nation. Unfortunately, your comment and attitude reveal we have much left to do.