Sunday, August 21, 2011

Monica and Jose

We received word late Friday that officials in our immigration court here in Dallas, Texas are "reviewing" the case involving two of our young people, Monica and Jose. 

Thankfully, President Obama's executive order on Thursday regarding children and youth who pose absolutely no threat to our nation caused authorities here to be willing to reconsider action to remove these two fine young people from the country. 

Talk about an answer to prayer!

Critics of Mr. Obama and those who so often disagree with me here need to reconsider their positions. 

If these two children were your children, what would you want for them? 

Remember all that we have invested in them to this point in public education, health and other community benefits, such as those we've shared with them from our community development organization's efforts. 

Why would anyone want to throw away such a long-term investment? 

Pray for Monica.

Pray for Jose.

They need to stay in the United States. 

Three years ago, I flew to Washington, DC with these two great young people.  They spoke with Senator Hutchison's staff.  Unfortunately, Senator Cornyn would not allow them in his office.  Disgusting. 

They toured the national monuments. 

They stood where Dr. King stood on the marble slab that marks his presence on the day of the 1963 March on Washington and his famous "I Have a Dream" speech. 

I observed their tears. 

I listened to their fears and hopes. 

They are part of my family. 

We must find a way for them to stay here.

[For more information on these young people and their terrible situation, read my post from yesterday.]


Anonymous said...

I want legal Justice; as in existing law being enforced!

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:05: You completely misapprehend Biblical justice. You are speaking of justice as the consequences of wrong actions - as in the criminal justice system. The Bible much more often speaks of justice as, in essence, "the right thing to do," which is often not the same as the letter of the law. I do not understand how anyone could read any significant part of the Bible and think deporting child is the right thing to do.

If you need a rule, here's one: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. As Larry asked yesterday: if these were your chlidren, what would you want for them?

Anonymous said...

If these two million children were your children, what would you want for them?

Remember all that we have spent on them to this point in public education, health and other social welfare benefits.

Why would anyone want to throw away such a long-term re-election policy?

Pray for all the Monicas.

Pray for all the Joses.

The Democrats need them to stay in the United States.

Three years ago, I smuggled these two great young people into Washington, DC. They spoke with Senator Hutchison's staff. Unfortunately, Senator Cornyn was more interested in following the law and would not meet with them.


Anonymous said...

Why not send the parents back along with them so they would have support?

rcorum said...

Larry, I don't think this issue is as simple as you seem to make it. I do feel for Monica and Jose, and certainly do not blame them. My concern is real and is not filled with hate toward anyone. Do we as a country have any right to have laws governing immigration? If we have such laws should they be enforced? Why is it that liberals like yourself will never in any situation of which I am aware ever refer to people as "illegal aliens?" As I have said before, the term "undocumented workers" is so innocuous that it sounds like they just left their papers on a kitchen table in Mexico or wherever they came from. The reality is simple and undeniable. When the parents of these two children entered America they entered knowing full well that their actions were illegal. I know it might not sound like it, but I do care about the outcome of their cases, but the devil is in the details. Is it now true that if these students are given legal status that would open the door for other family members to piggyback on the status of these students. I am also amazed that in the early days of a taxpayer funded education for these young people no one seemed to have done any investigation into their legal status. My wife is an educator and is not allowed to ask in any manner the legal status of a student. A child can be kicked out of a school for living in the wrong district, but nothing can be done if they live in the wrong country. Larry, our country is in incredible financial trouble, yet vast sums of tax dollars go to fund the education of children who are here without a single piece of legal documentation. There really is nothing progressive about breaking the law, and that is exactly what the parents did in this case. I am also not a fan of the manner in which Executive Orders are commonly used by presidents of both parties as a way to circumvent the will of the representatives who make up congress. I believe with all my heart that President Obama has been a dismal failure. He is taking this country down a path that could spell an end to her future prosperity. As a private citizen I plan to do everything in my power to see that he is a one turn president. I find it quiet telling that the Congressional Black Caucus is ready to unleash it impressive power against this President. More and more people are sick and tired of a President who knows no platform but ceaseless criticism of anyone who gets in his way. He talks compromise, but seldom practices it, the end around implementation of the "Dream Act" being but one example. You speak of God answering prayers, I want you to know that I will consider it an answered prayer when he is no longer our President after the 2012 elections. I mean no ill will in my words, and as I said earlier I am concerned with the plight of Monica and Jose, but my greater concern is the very survival of America as we know it.

Richard Corum

Larry James said...

RC, appreciate you and the spirit of your comments. Let me reply.
1) Yes, nations have the right to control their borders and enact immigration laws. 2) Injustice arises when such laws are enforced in an unequitable manner, as is the case here. Why don't I ever hear you talk about "illegal employers"? This is one of my major objections to our policy--we take action against children, exploit their parents with very, very low wages and use the fear that is present to "keep them in tow." Hispanic labor fills the slot of "the Help" in today's economy. 4) No one could piggy back on these students. . .they have no status or work docs. There are no other family members seeking or even thinking about "using" these students for the purpose you suggest, with apologies to radio talk show hosts who fear all things conspiratorial!
5) I'll finish by saying no one objected to the hard work and impact on GDP of these laboring people. The old "cost saw" doesn't hold up as even conservatives note that the cost of these folks compared to their economic contribution is a wash at worst. They pay into SS system that will benefit me, not them. 6) I'll leave you to pray for the demise of our President, but I'll be thankful as I saw the tears of dispair turn to those of gladness for one very fine, wonderful family. America will be just fine, in large part thanks to their presence.

Anonymous said...


I also applaud the spirit of your comments. Even if we disagree, there is a civility there too often lacking.

I would like to address your concern that these kids could one day provide a path to legal status for their parents. That is true. It would also be a long way away. And it almost certainly has no bearing on the thoughts and actions of these kids and their parents.

When the right wing media started yelling about "anchor babies" what they never seemed to think about was that they were attributing planning that would take decades to pay off to people who were making decisions about how to survive the next week/month/year.

It is true that, if these kids had a path to citizenship - say 7 years - they could then petition to have their parents legally admitted - say another 5-10 years. So, yes, letting them stay could potentially lead to them being a legal route into the country for their parents in about 12-17 years. But why would that be a problem? Isn't that what we keep saying: do it legally? So if they are eventually a route to legal status for their parents (after 3-4 decades of peacefully and productively living in this country in hiding), I don't see the problem.

rcorum said...

I do appreciate the tone of the responses. When I ask a question that is generally all that I am doing. Larry, you are correct about the employers and I have no problem at all calling what they do illegal, and that it should be stopped. I have seen my share of people who cry against undocumented workers, but will not hesitate for a moment getting work done by them for an unreasonably low bargain basement rate.

I didn't intend to write at such length, but sometimes I get carried away. I will always try to be civil in my discourse because name calling is never productive. Thanks for the responses. They were helpful.

belinda said...

the people that employ "illegals" should be fined. HEAVILY. the "illegals" would not be a problem if the RICH folks weren't using them for cheap labor. it's very sad.

Anonymous said...

RC shows up. Yay.

And in continuation of the tone and spirit of this exchange, I must agree with Larry's point 3.

Anonymous said...

I also like point 3.

Larry James said...

I love wise guys, one and all!