Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tears for the children. . .

Yesterday was a day of tears for me.

Owen, my third grandchild, went off to Kindergarten!  I expect his parents shed a tear or two.  I know I did just looking at his photograph!  Time gets away so quickly.  Everything changes so fast. 

Then, Gracie and Wyatt, two of my other grandchildren, went off to 4th and 2nd grade respectively.  I bet a tear or two rolled down a cheek over at that household as well.  Again, I confess, my eyes filled up as I viewed their photo. 

Sweet children!  Blessings, every one beyond words.  And, I didn't even mention little Henry--his time will come! 

But, there were other tears as well.

My day began in the office of a great immigration attorney as we prepared to deliver two other children from two other families to the office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) here in Dallas.  These other young people had to appear for consideration of deportation.  [Again, if you are interested, use the search tool above and type in "Monica" and "Jose" to read more about them and read my post from two days ago.]

As we prepared to leave for the drive to ICE, these families melted into each others' arms.  The tears flowed like a river.  Parents telling their children good-bye, not knowing what would happen to them next. 

Thankfully, the Executive Order issued last Thursday by President Obama provided the platform my young friends needed to see their "stay of orders" documents accepted by the ICE officials. 

What a grand relief we experienced.  Reunited with family members, the tears flowed again!

These young people are so wonderful.  So eager for a better life.  So willing to learn.  So ready  for greatness.  So wanting to make a difference in and for their nation, the only country they've ever known, having come here with their parents when they were very small children. 

I came away from the day considering the stark contrast in the reason back of all of the tears.  I also realized that the tears were all really the same.  They came from loving parents, grandparents and siblings.  Good tears, as it turned out. . . at least for now. 


Anonymous said...

Great news!

rcorum said...

Beautiful grandchildren is one thing we have in common. There is nothing in the world like then. I do pray that all will go well for Monica and Jose.

Larry James said...

You are right! Thanks!