Sunday, September 25, 2011

Public education's obvious, dark secret

"Root cause of achievement gap is poverty. Test scores on SAT, ACT, state tests, NAEP, show a tight correlation. No surprise."


Anonymous said...

John Stossell, in his documentary on education this past week, refuted just about everything this liberal stands for when it comes to education.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what Stossell allegedly refuted, but this statement seems almost self-evident. 'No surprise' is right.

Anonymous said...

Among other things, the documentary talked about public schools as government monopolies, where teachers, no matter how bad, could not be fired. It talked about charter schools in poor neighborhoods outpreforming public schools in good neighborhoods. It discussed the fact that money has little to do with test scores.

The name of the program is "Stupid in America." it was on multiple times last week

Anonymous said...

A dark secret, indeed. We all know the real reason urban public schools are in trouble is those sneaky, white, Christian suburbanites. What do you think they do in all those Mothers-of-Preschooler meetings? And Men's World? And those home-based small groups? Of course, we all know when the Escalades are lined up out front of a McMansion for "scrapbooking" something bad is brewing and it's not an Iced Venti, no water, half ice, Americano. Oh, the nerve.

Jimmy said...

I don't get it, though. Why would they work against the welfare of people? Better schooling = better workers. What is the point? Blunting any suspicions in the making? Hello. Everybody knows, or at least pretends to know, what is going on in the country.

International Calls USA

Anonymous said...

Still, the connection between poverty and an overall gap in educational attainment seems undeniable. Several hundred students in poor neighborhoods might get to go to a good charter school, but that leaves tens of thousands in failing public schools. Simply not enough good to go around.

The quote didn't say anything about money, just a "tight correlation" bewtween poverty and the achievement gap.