Wednesday, September 14, 2011

U. S. poverty on rise

Those of us who work daily alongside and among low-income Americans hate to hear news like this. It is crucial that we respond as a nation to this sort of pain and suffering. Forty-six million of our neighbors live in poverty. But, notice how even a report on the growth of poverty ends up reporting on the U. S. stock market. The folks with whom we deal daily live no where near the market. Mainstream media typically ignores the poor and the real difficulties created by the growth of domestic poverty.


Anonymous said...

A good chance for Obama to come riding in on his white horse and put everyone on food stamps. This is exactly what he wants, to buy votes.

Chris said...

I have yet To see you put the blame where it belongs, on the current administration. He is spending us to oblivion. Any positive effects of the current "jobs" program will be offset by higher taxes. And how about our tax money going to the solar companies who go bankrupt? How are those green jobs working for you? Probably not good since you have been quiet about them for some time. I am sick and tired of this idiot in the WH. He is presiding over the decline of our country. People like you, LJ, are aiding in it by not speaking up. More than happy to sign my name. There is a little good news as two Democrats bit the dust yesterday. Obama cannot do anything because he is in bed with the environmental movement and union thugs. He is in way over his head.