Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Creativity and impact. . .


Anonymous said...

I believe that Steve Jobs was more aligned with Buddhism than Christianity.

Anonymous said...

Awesome cartoon.

Anonymous said...

anon 11:30--does that mean christians aren't creative?

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:26 - what a curiously ignorant question.
anon 11:30

Anonymous said...

And, so, Saint Steve created Harp 2.0. Here are the specs:

Color: White only.

Proprietary string sequence.

Available only in Harp 2.0 stores.

Flash incompatible.

Any music, sound or odors emitted by the device is the sole property of Harp Corp. Use is granted by accepting terms and conditions of the license agreement.

Power cord compatible only with Harp docking station. Not compatible with any other power station, even the Harp

Harp 2.0's interface was stolen by the Microtwang Corporation. Law suits pending.

Can only be operated by the unique, independent, and untamed "Cool Angels" who think, talk, and dress alike.

By the time you've read all the above, Harp 2.0 is declared uncool. It is now time to camp out for three days until the Harp 2.1 is on the shelf. Anyone caught using a Harp 2.0 is an uncool Microtwanster.

The Harp 2.1 ports to the Toyota Previa for a Harp-enhanced clean driving experience. To eject the Harp 2.1 from the Toyota Previa port, simply drag the Previa to the Gas Station Icon on the nearest street corner.

All Harp 2.1 musical notes and rests are stored in The Cloud. There is no resident memory on Harp 2.0. Currently, the Lamb's Book of Life is inaccessible.

Saint Steve is richer that anyone Gold Street banker in heaven. But we'll just ignore that.