Sunday, November 13, 2011


Griffey has been part of our family for over a decade.  Jennifer and Brandon, our daughter and son-in-law, brought him home as a puppy just after they were married.  Of course, Gracie and Wyatt have known him since they were born.  Griffey watched over them protectively and tolerated their playfulness and wrestling on a daily basis.  Everyone in our family loved him. 

On Friday, the time arrived for Griffey to pass on from here to the next life.  He lived the last few years with cancer, but only began to suffer recently.  The veterinarian who carried for Griffey, cared even more for the Toombs family as they told their beloved pet a tearful "Good-bye."  The passage was sweet, even the sadness worked out right.  We all have cried. 

Griffey was a very good boy.  We will never forget him.  He did so much for us.

Gracie offered about the best summary of this special pet that I could imagine when she said, "Griffey understood everything about us, but we didn't understand everything about him." 

Rest in peace, old friend.  You did your work well, very well, indeed.  

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belinda said...

our pets are our family members, just 4-legged. we lost our sweet Muffin 4 yrs. ago this month. i feel your sadness. Shalom.