Thursday, December 22, 2011

Childhood hunger, a national disgrace

CitySquare works throughout the year on issues related to hunger. 

A large part of what we do relates directly to childhood hunger.  During the last two summers, we've distributed over 1MM meals to children who qualify for the free and reduced lunch program during the school year.  Getting to know these children and their families has been a great experience.  Observing the challenges facing these same families motivates us to continue the battle against hunger and food insecurity in Dallas and beyond.  (FYI:  Exciting news will be coming soon relative to our plans to do even more, and in other cities.) 

A national, partner organization, Share Our Strength produced the video you can access below that deals with childhood hunger and allows the voices of children to convey the sobering message. 

I invite you to join CitySquare TODAY in the fight against hunger in our community!

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Anonymous said...

I'm for feeding hungry children but not for taking responsibility away from the parents for the actual preparation. Perhaps their food stamps could be increased or something of that sort. I understand a school in Memphis is now adding dinner in addition to breakfast and lunch. This is insane in my opinion. This just creates more dependency. By the way, what do the parents do for food? Do they feed themselves and neglect the kids?