Tuesday, December 27, 2011

East Dallas bones and underbelly

Living in Old East Dallas provides lots of interesting sights, sounds and situations! 

Since 1999, it's been home. 

There are many old, interesting, turn-of-the last century homes that double as "money pits" to those who purchase them.  At the same time, remodeling these homes has played a part in the renewal of this inner city neighborhood.  Still, the area is populated by low-income working families, many homeless persons and lots of renters who make their homes in under-serviced, often substandard rental properties. 

The community is extremely diverse in every respect--ethnically, racially, economically, educationally, religiously.

Interesting place.

I shot these photos some time ago, and ran across them while cleaning out other old photographs.  Posted here with love, respect and continuing amazement, as well as a healthy sense of mystery and wonder.

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