Saturday, February 18, 2012

New study reveals startling picture of Dallas’ financial insecurity Assets & Opportunity Profile

A new report paints a tough, but realistic picture of life in Dallas at the lower levels of the economy.  It turns out that the numbers of people struggling with "asset poverty" are startling. 

Read the entire report on here.

More on this soon.


rcorum said...

A very interesting report, with some helpful statistical research. The figure that jumped out at me was that 61% of single parent families were asset poor. The study notes the statistic, but I did not see where it addressed any strategy to deal with this growing challenge. In the congregation where I minister I have seen too many teens get pregnant and then watch their life spiral downward. Finding financial security when you have little education, and no father leaves little room for future success.

Anonymous said...

It is an excellent report, and provides a much more realistic picture of poverty than income alone. If you've ever known someone in this position - who cannot survive a 90 day downturn - you know they are as effectively as poor as those with low current income. They could lose everything in only 3 months. 40% also matches what I see in this city much more closely.