Monday, March 26, 2012

100,000 Homes Campaign, an experience

Monday morning, this morning, at about 3:30, we gathered together, about 70 of us.  We teamed up and hit the streets, er, more accurately, the right-of-way under the bridges that form the Downtown Dallas freeway loop. 

For almost two  hours we navigated the hidden, underworld of Dallas' hardcore homeless population.  Our efforts were apart of the "100,000 Homes Campaign," a national effort to house the most vulnerable among our homeless neighbors. 

We met delightful people, almost all of whom find themselves saddled with a host of problems, many related to health.  Our mission:  to administer a health vulnerability survey that could form the platform or basis for future, very determined intervention to assist these new friends and neighbors to find permanent housing. 

During this first morning, we surveyed formally 104 different people! 

What an experience!

The work will continue for the next two mornings.  Just as today, workers will gather at the same early hour at the Stewpot, the historic ministry of First Presbyterian Church located at Park Avenue and Young Street in Downtown Dallas. 

Join the group if you are so inclined. 

The photos here were captured as we moved from "home" to "home" under the I-45 bridge near the Martin Luther King, Jr. exit. 

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