Thursday, March 22, 2012

This work. . .

Ken Kraybill, training specialist and Director with the Center for Social Innovation and and co-director of t3 wrote the following.

This work. . .

and exhausting

drives me up a wall
and opens doors I never imagined

lays bare a wide range of emotions
yet leaves me feeling numb beyond belief

provides tremendous satisfaction
and leaves me feeling profoundly helpless

evokes genuine empathy
and provides a fearsome intolerance within me

puts me in touch with deep suffeirng
and points me tworard greater wholeness

brings me face to face with many poverties
and enriches me enoucnter by encournter

renews my hope
and dealves me grasping for faith

enables me to envision a future
but with no ability to control it

breaks me apart emotionally
and breaks me open spiritually

leaves me wounded
and heals me