Monday, May 07, 2012

Good News!

Brand New

The Gospel is handed down from generation to generation but it must reach each one of us brand new, or not at all. If it is merely "tradition" and not news, it has not been preached or not heard--it is not Gospel.... If there is no risk in revelation, if there is no fear in it, if there is no challenge in it, if it is not a word which creates whole new worlds, and new beings, if it does not call into existence a new creature, our new self, then religion is dead and God is dead.
-Thomas Merton

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Anonymous said...

That quote could send a chill down your spine, or a steel rod. Which it does, for me, depends on the day and hour and how well I am responding to the Gospel at that moment. But, however I'm responding, the quote could not be more true.