Friday, June 01, 2012

The CitySquare "difference"

Part of the application process associated with a recent grant application we submitted included the request that organizations describe what makes them different from others, what distinguishes them and their work. I thought the question and our response might be useful to anyone who supports our work or who might be considering doing so. If you need more information, call me by all means!

Question: Please describe your strategic approach as an organization, and how it is distinguished from others with a similar focus.

Response: CitySquare exists to fight the root causes of poverty by partnering with those in need. Working together as a community, we feed the hungry, heal the sick, house the homeless and renew hope in the heart of our city.

Our strategic approach as to how we operate as an organization can be best seen in our core values: We are a community of neighbors, investing in each other and developing meaningful relationships which value each individual.

Our work flows out of our faith, and that faith is inclusive and ecumenical.

We stand for justice and demand equity for all our neighbors.

Our resources belong to the community and as stewards of those resources we will act with integrity, demonstrate accountability and operate efficiently and effectively.

We are unique because we are a community of neighbors investing in each other and developing meaningful relationships which value each individual.

We don’t fight poverty for the poor—we fight poverty with the poor.

We value and promote the benefits of open-handed partnerships, requiring commitment and contributions from everyone.

We bring together resources from the public sector, the business sector, the legal sector, the faith sector and the medical sector to do the work that will represent a profound investment in our neighbors and the community.


Anonymous said...

Well you have certainly made it extremely difficult for anon responses to your blogs with your log on procedure. I guessIits time to remove your bookmark. i have enjoyed the often adversarial chats with you.
May God bless your ministry

JG said...

Larry, might be worth noting how many of your current staff -- and volunteers -- are originally people who came to CitySquare to receive services. I think that's a major differentiator.