Thursday, June 28, 2012


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Food insecurity in the U. S. presents a growing challenge to the economy, the workforce, public health and to students/public education. 


Anonymous said...

A lot of this makes no sense to me. The county in my native Arkansas shows that 51% of the people are "food insecure." That is BS. Have you ever been to a church potluck? People eat better in Arkansas than Bill Gates. My family always had a garden that provided much more than they needed but they didn't know any poor people to share with.

Jessica Jones said...

I can't speak for any other areas, but I believe the numbers for DFW. Its all out of control and look at the South as a whole; once a staple are for crops now dying to feed its people.

Anonymous said...

No more food insecurity! The SC should pass the Affordible Food Act. No more food pantrys or soup kitchens! Just add a tax, the food will be delivered to your door each week. Just as we should not go to the ER for basic health care, we should not go to the food pantry for basic nutrition! By the way, if you do not pay the tax, the IRS will contact you.