Friday, August 03, 2012

Costumbres Peligrosas

Kathy Bennett, our social work director at Community Health Services here at CtiySquare sent me the following information about a novella (soap opera) that our team produced with the help of our AmeriCorps team and an ExxonMobil intern.  I think you'll find this creative piece most encouraging.  We'll let you know when the finished product is set to air--complete with sub-titles!

We are using our ExxonMobil intern to direct this educational film in Spanish in the form of a Spanish novella (Soap opera.) We think this format is more interesting and appealing to the people we serve.

The completed video will have subtitles in English. I am happy with the response of our clinic family in all the help the patients and staff have given for this to be a success.  Almost everyone in the video is a patient and everyone associated with it except for the interns are volunteers. We have a long list for the credits of people to thank. I would love to hear what you think of the trailer. Of course we are all hoping the video is as good as the trailer.

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