Thursday, August 23, 2012

Failed tour, but incredible conversation

A couple of weeks ago I was sitting at the corner on "the porch" and I had a good visit with my homeless friend, Buck. 

He asked me what we did at CitySquare and I tried to answer him. 

As we talked, I threw out the offer, "Buck, I need to take you on a tour of CitySquare so you could see firsthand what we do!"

Last week, Buck reminded me of my offer. 

"When are we going to do that tour, Larry?" he asked.

I pulled out my calendar.

"How about next Wednesday at 11:30?" I offered.

"I'll be here," he said.  And, as he was leaving about an hour later, he reminded me of the tour date. 

So, on Wednesday at 11:30, I show up.  Ironically, I left the offices of one of the wealthiest men in Dallas to connect  with Buck, one of the poorest.

No Buck. 

No telling what happened to delay or block him.  I'm sure I'll find out when I see him next.  I pray he is okay. 

As I waited on him to show up, another gentleman who I know approached me.  In 5 minutes he poured out his heart. 

"I need you to know that I'm working hard to get my heart right to get away from this corner," he explained. 

"I'm working at my church to get my soul strong so I can pull away from all of this," he went on. 

We talked for a good while.  I offered him the housing resources of CitySquare and we made plans for him to come by our offices Downtown to get his name on the "waiting list" to get into an apartment.  I really believe he will follow through.  He is such a good man.

And, he understands respect and community and the role of faith in life. 

I know I'll see Buck again.  We will have our tour. 

But, the visit I had with my other friend was a visit that was supposed to happen.

Know what I mean?

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