Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mr. Obama, help us!

Finally, the national elections are behind us! 

Just possibly we can return to a more civil tone in our conversations and attitudes.  I hope so.

But, with President Obama headed for his second term, I have favors to ask of him and the new Congress. 

My requests relate to my own neighborhood and to the people who live around me, my neighbors.  I'll just put my priorities in a list without much comment.

Here goes:


1.  Please work to give us comprehensive immigration reform so that so many of us can live without the fear of deportation.  The vast majority of us work hard every day to make Dallas great.  Please give us all a pathway to legitimacy as residents and members of the labor force.

2.  If comprehensive immigration reform is not possible, then at least give us the DREAM Act to put our children in documented status so they can finish school and go to work legally.

3.  Help us obtain the workforce skills we need to land livable wage jobs.

4.  Make sure our children can attend public schools that work.

5.  Stay the course so that we can make progress in providing universal health care for all of us.

6.  Continue to fund programs like AmeriCorps, and take a look at how the programs of the Corporation of National and Community Service actually pay for themselves in public benefit and educational advancement.  AmeriCorps' ROI is astounding!

7.  Help us rebuild the blighted neighborhoods often referred to as the "ghetto," but known as "home" to many of us.

8.  Find ways to support/reward creative mayors who come up with new, innovative community renewal strategies that actually work!

9.  Incentivize the utilization of creative financial instruments like social impact bonds (SIBs).

10.  Lead the most progressive tax reform effort in our nation's history to promote policies that lift people and create new wealth at the bottom--I know those techniques exist and I know you are smart enough to identify them!

11.  Bring work back to the inner cities of the nation.

12.  Figure out how to make as many of those jobs as possible linked in training programs to the emerging "green economy."


Anonymous said...

I'm sure to you, comprehensive immigration reform means amnesty. But reform will do no good without securing the border first, otherwise we will have this problem again and again.

America is becoming a third world country because we are allowing unskilled people in. Before 1965 the policy was to replicate the existing population. That is why we could admit highly skilled people such as the parents of Jonas Salk. They would be unable to immigrate today but the good news is Democrats will have a majority because recent immigrants have no skills so they are a boom to the Democrat party.

In California the Hispanic population is nearly 40%, from less than 10%, mostly poor Mexicana.

One reason public schools don't work is the fact that a good percent of the students cannot speak English.

As to the "green economy", have you noticed that everytime Obama toots a green energy company it goes broke? The taxpayers have lost MILLIONS promping these businesses up.

Obamacare is a really bad thing for the economy. My doctor has already said he plans to retire if it is not repealed.

As to Obama's tax plan, it will certainly be a job killer. Small business cannot afford the increased taxes.

Anonymous said...

Public education is what has made the country the cesspool it is today.

Anonymous said...

Your history of our immigration policy is off. Prior to WWI there was almost no effort to control our border with Mexico. People came and went freely. From WWII to about 1965 we strongly encouraged Mexican workers to come here through the Bracero program because the US was suffering a severe labor shortage. Only since about 1965 has the US decided to close the Mexican border to immigration. And quite unsuccessfully, since people will flow towards work and a better life like water flows downhill - both are pretty hard to stop. They come here because our economy is strong, not because it's weak. If we were "becoming a third world country" they wouldn't come here. They could stay right where they are.

You're listening to too much Rush.

Anonymous said...

Our economy is not strong and is getting weaker. I did not hear Rush talk about this.

rcorum said...

My simple question is how is all of this going to be paid for? We have gotten to the point were an extra Trillion doesn't even mean anything. It is also very convenient to blame ideas on Rush. You don't have to listen to Rush to know that we have a Federal Government who is spending us into bankruptcy. God have mercy on my children and grandchildren.

Anonymous said...

Government does not create jobs,nor should it.

Anonymous said...

The best thing Obama can do is get out of the way and remove regulations so that business can thrive.

Anonymous said...

Yes, because businesses thrived in the 1880's and 90's under the Robber Barons, and that is apparently where you'd like to take us back to. But, wait! We're already there. The Banker Barons took down our financial system in 2008-9 with no repercussions. All the same people are still in charge. So. yes, that's the answer, bow down to the Barons of your day, and they will save you! ... Really?

Anonymous said...

The banks were made to give bad loans by the likes of Carter and Clinton under the CRA.

Anonymous said...

Universal health care would be nice but as written, it is a complete nightmare. There is no way it will work in the business world.

Anonymous said...

Concerning #12

Solyndra. Deeply in debt and teetering on the edge of bankruptcy, this solar panel facility still received $535 million in federally guaranteed loans, thanks to Obsma's friendship with Solyndra's largest shareholder( and top White House bungler) George Kaiser. Now it's out of business, and the taxpayers are out all the cash.

Solar Reserve. On 9/28/12, a $737 million Energy Dept. loan guarantee went to this solar energy firm, whose investment partner, PCG, boasts a bigwig named Ronald Pelosi, Nancy's brother-in-law.

Fifty failures. Green Corruption blog lists a total of 50 Obama green-energy busts: 23 bankrupt,and 27 teetering. As of 10/23/12, at least 15 billion in "green" taxpayer money is either going or gone, most funneled to Obama Democrat cronies.

Only "17 percent of the roughly 211,000 new jobs in 2009 and 2010 were in the green technology areas targeted by the Obama Administration," admits PolitiFact. Translation: Obama threw $80 billion at the green industry to end up with 35,870 jobs. That's over $2 million per job.

Volt fires, Via the National Highway and Transportatiom Safety Administration, the Regime suppressed news about the Volt battery fired for months, according to AutoGuide.c, putting public safety at risk in order to protect the "fragility of Volt sales.