Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Respect among friends

Here's a video shoot of the giant meal we enjoyed last week just down the street from "the Porch."

The idea originated during a conversation I was having with a homeless friend.  

"You know what?" he declared as we spoke.

"No, what?" I replied.

"We need to throw a big-ole party out here for everyone!"

So, we did!

The event included about 300 homeless neighbors, construction workers from across the street, local business owners, students from Abilene Christian University, CitySquare team members, folks from bcWorkshop and passersby!  In all, thanks to Edd Eason and his amazing, gigantic smoker on a trailer,  we provided a great lunch for about 400 folks.

But the event wasn't about feeding.  It was all about enjoying real friendship.  It was a luncheon thrown in honor of RESPECT.

Simple as that.


Dan Vaughn said...

I am blessed just seeing the work you do my friend. blessed = motivated to do more, myself.

Anonymous said...

Did those fat cat, capitalist business owners pay for it?

Larry James said...

Anon, 2:35, no, as a matter of fact we took up a collection among ourselves and a church partner helped us out as well. Sorry to disappoint.
Dan, thanks, brother! Good to hear from you!

rcorum said...

I just don't understand some of the comments. What a great sight. Blessings.

Larry James said...

Thx, RC!

Myriah Garcia said...

This is amazing... I love reading things like this :)