Saturday, November 03, 2012

Sam: we aren't always successful

We received the following message from Martin Cramer, Vice President Public Safety with Downtown Dallas, Inc.(DDI), the Central Business District (CBD) trade organization with which CitySquare has a contract to provide outreach via our Homeless Outreach Team (HOT Team).  

This sad news is indicative of the fact that our work is hard, the outcomes imperfect and the pain and frustration predictable.  

The news is even more devastating and harder to accept because of the fact that Sam was on the track to a better life before tragedy struck. 

Please remember his family and all of us who knew him.  

I am very sorry to report that one of our former CBD chronic inebriates - Sam passed away.

The DDI Homeless Outreach Team had been working with Sam (27) for several years - he was recently placed into housing and treatment.

Sam died from complications of being stabbed last Wed.  He died on Friday at Baylor, we just found out today. Christina Rosales with Dallas Morning News wrote an article about his death.  Suspect in custody has been charged with murder.

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Anonymous said...

This makes me so sad, I feel for his family and all the people who tried to help him find a way to a better, safer life.
I think of the little child he once was and how sad for the family that their child was lost to them in such a violent way. I hope everyone can find peace and healing.