Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thinking of friends

Today I'm thinking of my friends, people like Art, Wendy, Joe, Blue and many more. 

They call the streets of Dallas "home."

They possess almost nothing.

What they have, they share freely with their friends and neighbors.

If they eat today, they will eat a charity meal. 

Some will bed down in a shelter.  Some will find a resting place under a bridge or in an alley.

Every time I'm with them I hear expressions of thanksgiving. 

They are my best teachers when it comes to gratitude.

For them I am very, very thankful.

I hope that soon, very soon we'll have more houses to offer them. 

You know, real homes.


Anonymous said...

What have they been doing all their lives?

Larry James said...

Getting sick and losing everything; making life changing mistakes; being mentally ill; fighting addiction; being uneducated and poor; divorce; losing a job and middle aged; coming out of prison....but why does any of that matter to people like me who've had every advantage/protection???