Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas, again

Thursday, I sat down on
The Porch
Where I meet up with real guys,
Men who've lost all of 
What they once had;  for a
Few that meant a lot, for 
Most there never was much to lose.
I'm learning the
Is all about loss--
Lost families,
Lost children,
Lost health,
Lost hope,
Dreams shot to hell and back over
Stupid stuff and some tragedies.

Thursday, I sat down on 
The Porch,
Billy's porch,
Where I met up with real guys, we drank
Coffee together; and
I expect we lied about our lives;
Not a few made 
Fun of money and efforts to help. 
Covered in pre-Christmas 
Depression could 
Hardly talk without a 
Tear trickling down, deep down in the
Christmas, again,
Out here. 

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