Monday, December 10, 2012

CitySquare clinic scores big!

What follows is a direct, cut and paste email message that I received recently from Frances Martinez, Operations Manager for CitySquare's Community Health Services. 

Our clinic, located in South Dallas-Fair Park just off the intersection of Malcolm X and Grand Avenue, scored big in the latest Health Texas Provider Network (the Baylor Health Care System's physicians group) audit of our Adult Preventative Services. 

The translation is very simple, and most encouraging:  our clinic ranked second among all the HTPN clinics in the system!  This includes the clinic that I call my medical home out in the North Dallas suburbs! 

Great work, CitySquare health care team!  Great work! 

Our patients receive the best care possible, and evidently the best care available! 

Please see below, we are #2 in HTPN for the July-September Adult Preventative Services (APS) audit!!  Congratulations everyone!  It is definitely a team effort from scheduling WWEs, to requesting the tests, to putting in the orders, to scheduling the tests.  Please take a moment and give each other a high five!
Rank Practice Name
1 Signature Medicine
N 278
2 City Square Community Health Services
N 643

Frances Martinez
Operations Manager
CitySquare-Community Health Services
2835 Grand Ave.
Dallas, TX 75215

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Anonymous said...

That is really great! Congratulations to all involved.