Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Crooked parts

I've seen the man before.

He is unforgettable.

He stands at one of the several intersections west of Central Expressway on Northwest Highway right in front of North Park shopping mall.

He holds up some version of a "please help me" sign.

His right foot distinguishes him.  It is turned almost 180 degrees backwards, so that it literally is headed in the wrong direction.  Observing him walk is painful, and, as I say, unforgettable.

Clearly, this man has not been able to find what he needs.

I have no idea why not.  I could speculate on any number of reasons.  But such an exercise would be pointless and arrogant.

This man epitomizes the need for simple compassion.  Not pity, just concern that acts.

In reality, this man symbolizes all of us.  Everyone has a "crooked part."  We all need intervention, concern, understanding and, well, a break.

Sitting in judgment seems so absurd, as I watch this man walk away.

Following after him to simply talk feels so right.

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rcorum said...

Larry, your story reminds me of the police officer in New York how bought a pair of shoes for a homeless man. Only a few days later the man was seen again without any shoes on his feet. When the man was asked why he responded that the shoes were too valuable to wear. On one hand that is hard for me to understand, but on another it makes perfect sense. What that police officer did was an act of compassion no matter what the man did with his shoes.