Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Resolutions or Outcomes?

So, what do you do with "resolutions" this time of the year? 

Last year, I went to "a list of personal objectives" for what I hoped to accomplish at work.  I won't trouble you with the list, but I can report that I made great progress or completed 6 of my 8 goals, and the remaining two or three will be wrapped up during 2013. 

I really like the idea of tossing "resolutions" in favor of concrete goals/objectives that 12 months from now can be objectively assessed as to success, failure or something in between. 

Here's a partial listing of my 2013 objectives conceived in an outcomes format that I can evaluate as to success or failure this time next year:

1)  Open our new Opportunity Center at Malcolm X and I-30.

2)  Complete a successful capital campaign for the center, including at least one anchor or "naming" gift of between $3 and $5 million.

3)  Fund and construct the Cottages at Hickory Crossing project just across the street from the new Opportunity Center to provide permanent, highly supportive housing for 50 of the most expensive, hardest to house homeless neighbors in Dallas County. 

4)  Organize a new effort to see 2,000 homeless persons secure permanent supportive housing as a result of new public/private partnerships and a more focused effort to get people housed first. 

5)  Become more involved in CitySquare's public policy efforts under the guidance of Rev. Gerald Britt.

6)  Aggressively support and assist in the development and funding of more robust employment training and placement opportunities for neighbors seeking living wage jobs.

7)  Communicate more clearly and completely my vision for 2013 to my Board of Directors and to the CitySquare team. 

I have a couple of other goals, but I'll keep them "close to the vest" for now. 

My objectives list for 2013 will be posted by my computer in my office so that I will focus on it daily. 

And, as I say, they are designed to render a verdict on my work 12 months from now.  The outcomes will be measurable. 

I'll be able to give myself a grade!

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