Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ups and Downs

No doubt, ups and downs intersect life for everyone.

This past week, rather typical in many respects,  brought with it a feeling not unlike a roller coaster ride!

Monday a.m.:  As I attempt to navigate through the traffic jam at Haskell and Gaston into the drive through lane at Starbucks, I notice a car trying to make a left turn across on-coming traffic into the same lane I seek.  I held up my entry and waved the car in ahead of me.  We exchanged waves and I followed into the order lane.  When I reached the window to pay for my coffee, the attendant says to me, "No charge.  She paid for your coffee! Thanks for stopping in!"  Nice surprise and payback, certainly not expected.  But the kindness made me want to buy someone else a cup of coffee!

Monday p.m.:  My friend, Ms. Nonis Alexander has left me 4 messages in a frantic attempt to get in touch with me by phone.  Ms. Alexander, a long time food pantry volunteer and adopted "mother" to most of us, checks in with me on a regular basis, but this is unusual.  She is unrelenting in getting me to call her back, which I do.

"Larry, I been talking to a woman at the pantry who says you been giving people money who are drug dealers," she begins.  "I know you never see bad in people, but [and here she mentions a specific person who she believes in s drug dealer] is not a good guy.  I don't want you to end up missing because of your being around people like that!"  I reassure her that I haven't been giving drug dealers money and that I am aware of the concern we should have about the person she mentioned.  Still, I'm blown away by how determined she is to "get my back."

Tuesday noon:  I have a great meeting with leadership from The Hills church in Tarrant County.  They express real interest in providing funding for one of the Cottages that we plan to build in a  development for some of the hardest to house homeless persons in Dallas County.  We have a good laugh about how much Dallas needs Fort Worth!

Tuesday p.m.:  I participate in a conference call with representatives from the firm handling the New Markets Tax Credit allocation for the Opportunity Center.  Very positive call with the appearance that our application proposal will be well received.  The result will be almost $3MM for our project.

Wednesday a.m.:  I pick up a voice mail message from the pastor of a Dallas church that has decided not to fund the construction of one of the Cottages in our planned housing development for the hardest of the hard core homeless.

Wednesday p.m.:  I pick up another voice mail message, this one from a United Way staff person informing me that our United Way grant proposal for Community Health Services would not be approved for a site visit.  Not the news I was looking for!

So the journey flows.  At times we're on the mountain top. At times our faces are pressed into the hard pathway on the valley floor!

Our best efforts require staying power.

It's about that simple.

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