Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Frustrated student. . .what do you think?

By now lots of people have seen this video that went viral from Duncanville High School here in the Dallas area.

 Excuse a couple of the words, but I'd like to know what you think of this young man's commentary/reaction to his his teacher.

 Few things are more important than getting public education back on track.



Anonymous said...

Although the comments may have been pertinent, his venue was not. His comments should have been given in private without the grandstanding.

Darren Wilson said...


I love the kid's passion. He knows things could be better, and wants justice. Sometimes, enough is enough.

While he didn't wait for the proper time and place, his message still rings true. Students (and all of us) thrive on relationship. A teacher can build up or tear down. A teacher can engage or enrage. A teacher can light a fire or extinguish hope.

If he would have done this in my classroom, I would have been angry for two reasons: 1. he didn't choose the right venue and 2. he might actually be right.

When I saw this video last week, I was reminded just how much a good teacher matters. I also wondered how many students walk out the door , like Jeff Bliss did, and never come back. They walk out of school, out of relationship and out of society.

One thing I know for sure is that our schools need to pay attention and work on doing things better and making things right. And yes, that means starting in my own classroom this morning.

Anonymous said...

I expected a kid just being disrespectful and rude. But he seemed articulate and had a point to make. I understand what others have said about it not being the right time and place. But what do you think would have happened if he went to the VP and complained that his teacher was not enthusiastic or dedicated enough? My guess is nothing.

Anonymous said...

I felt his passion and pray that it was indeed real and not "staged". In my old age, I've become somewhat cynical and always leave room for the possibility that this was a clever act. BUT.. if real.. I feel his pain.

I raised 4 kids as a single parent and because very involved with all of my kids schools. I sat on committees, volunteered, etc. When I discovered that the empty nest left room in my heart to go back to this passion I was surprised to learn how things had changed. The performance gap had widened not closed. Teachers were not only complacent but less sharp or INTERESTED.. (in general, not ALL teachers). I thought I would try to impact this condition. So I became a member of school district committees. and that is where I discovered that many issues are at the school district and HOME levels. Districts don't really report the real issues and parents don't force the issues. So, students suffer. The answer??? I simply don't know.

Anonymous said...

One always hears how important science is in school. You can't prove it by me because my biology teacher just sat and did nothing all year. He not only never lectured, he didn't start any class discussions. He sat at his desk with a silly grin on his face. He was gone the next year but I wish I had had the courage to talk to the principal about him.