Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Immigration Reform in Committee

The U. S. Senate Judiciary Committee leads the current discussion regarding immigration reform.  To see a listing of the committee members click here.

The 18 members of this committee are considering possible amendments to the bipartisan “Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act” that was introduced a few weeks ago.  

The amendment process is incredibly important: it provides the opportunity to make improvements to the bill before it goes to a vote, but it also provides an opportunity to introduce elements to a carefully negotiated compromise bill that could cause bipartisan support to be limited going forward.

If one of your senators is a member of this committee, I urge you to contact him/her and express your support for comprehensive immigration reform, and ask that it be wrapped up this coming summer for the sake of the millions of people who are adversely affected by current policies.  

So many of our neighbors need the relief that strong reform would provide.  


Anonymous said...

Enforcement first before amnesty! Make sure your senator hears this loud and clear!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the welfare state!

Anonymous said...

Paul Ryan said today that we need to justify their lawbreaking because they cannot reach for the American dream? Really? I thought it was the ones who came legally that could reach for the American dream.

Anonymous said...

If current immigration restrictions applied when most of our ancestors arrived on American shores they would have been barred from entering. Please understand that most people who enter the country illegal have no viable path to legal entry. Moreover, they are coming for precisely the same reasons our ancestors came: family solidarity and an opportunity for work and advancement.

Alan Bean

Anonymous said...

Our immigratyion laws are so broken. We need to fix this.