Thursday, May 30, 2013

Michael Sorrell and Gerald Britt weigh in on poverty and public education

For almost 10 months, Dallas has been engaged in a very public local battle in the national war to “fix” urban education.
Nationally, and locally, some combatants on both sides of the war — while sincere — employ logic and tactics that insult and belittle the very communities they purport to save. All parties in this war share the goals of higher-performing students, better-equipped schools and the redevelopment of economically depressed neighborhoods.
Yet in Dallas and across the country, communities that presumably have the most to gain from the efforts of the reformers are rebelling against them. To quote Natalie Merchant and 10,000 Maniacs: “What’s the matter here?”
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Anonymous said...

Tell Mr.Britt I understand completely his sentiments on his post today. It's exactly how I feel about Barrack Obama.

Anonymous said...

the post was eloquently written, and in therory makes a tremendous amount of sense, however the reality is that you could build a stae of the art school with all the perks and excellent staff in these "poor" communities and there will still be low numbers .
parents, family , mentors must be involved in this process.
education and the life it can give- must be made more attractive than the ganster lifestly or being dependent on the government.

Anonymous said...

Britt is gutless!

Larry James said...

Anon12:54, amazing statement from someone who won't even sign his/her name!