Thursday, May 02, 2013

Solutions and Self-Interest

So, what if everyone in the nation enrolled in Medicare?  How would that work?

Typically, when someone asks a question like that, immediately naysayers begin to push back, calling the idea absurd and/or cost prohibitive.  Or, people laugh and walk away.  Data flies around.  Conversations turn tense.

Today, I'm wondering why.

The nation faces a health care crisis both in terms of cost and public health outcomes.

Growing numbers of people believe the solution is not that complex to imagine.

The problem revolves around the existing self-interests of powerful groups.  This reality produced the compromise response that is the unwieldy Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as "Obama Care."

But, honestly, there is a better way.  A way to further curb expenses, as well as a way toward much improved public health results.

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Anonymous said...

What could possibly go wrong passing a bill , thousands of pages, which no one has read? But don't say you weren't warned.

I think the wheels are loose and will soon come off. Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

The ultimate aim is a single payer system, Obama said it himself. He just can't afford to move too fast

The cost to expanding Medicaid to the individual states might be low at first but would soon become too expensive.

What most people don't know is that "Obama Care" was written years ago. It was in a drawer ready to be brought out at the appropriate time. It failed until Obama had it pushed through in the dead of night, before anyone had a chance to read it

Anonymous said...

If we did what Dr. Coates said where would Canadians come for timely health care?

rcorum said...

Larry, it was great to hear you at Pepperdine this week. Your lesson was excellent. My major concern is the reaction I consistently hear form doctors that I encounter who have the time to talk with me about Obama Care. Traveling to Pepperdine I set next to a professor and researcher at a large medical school. We spent most of of our time talking about his time as a combat surgeon in Vietnam, but when I ask him about Obama Care he declared it to be the most dangerous threat to health care in America. I am not sure what to make of what he said, but I believe that one issue that must be faced is the general lack of trust that most Americans have in the government's ability to run an effective national health care program on the scale the author of the article proposed.

Larry James said...

RC, good to see you as well! Medicare demonstrates that it can work. The current context conflicts doctors/hospitals due to lower than desired reimbursement rates. But actual costs are much lower. This feels not unlike the rigors of organized labor resisting adjustments in wage scales, but with a sweeping public benefit for uninsured.

Anonymous said...

With Medicare we had a president who knew how to govern. Obama only knows how to campaign. 42% of the country doesn't even know Obsmacare is the law of the land.

Anonymous said...

the only reason the 42% do not know is because they do not pay attention to the world around them...these are basic life skills, that you either learn at home or are taught by schools or socila service agencies on how to navigate the world you live in...
most people who do not know this is the law most likely know where to apply for benefits , SNAP SSDI ETC.

Anonymous said...

Even the former supporters are having second thoughts.
As far as reimbursement rates, that is pretty important to keep doctors. Many will retire early at a time when millions more are added to the system.