Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A place to call "home". . .

Over the past 30 days CitySquare and the Central Dallas Community Development Corporation have managed to coordinate an effort that resulted in putting in place the financing necessary to construct 50 single family cottages that will provide permanent supportive housing for 50 of the "most expensive" homeless persons to Dallas County.  We refer to the project as "The Cottages at Hickory Crossing."

By "most expensive" I mean those persons who are currently homeless and who consume the most county services from the public health care system, the mental health system and the criminal justice system.  We know the top 250 most expensive homeless persons by name.  The average annual cost to Dallas County (costs to the City and to non-profit organizations are not included in this cost analysis) to support one of these people on the streets of our community comes in north of $40,000 each!  Once built, the Cottages development will provide high-quality, permanent housing with robust psychiatric services and high-touch concierge care for well under $15,000 annually!

The fact is providing permanent housing for our homeless neighbors is not only morally right, it makes sound business sense.  Talk about a better return on investment!

Recently, our partners from Abilene Christian University snapped the photo above of a gentleman stretched out on the property where the Cottages will be built.  He is reading a book.  Soon he may have a home, a roof over his head and a better place in which to study.

Progress, in more ways than one, I'd say!

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