Thursday, June 27, 2013

An important voice on immigration reform


Anonymous said...

Immigration reform in 2013 is only to get more votes for the Democratic Party.

Anonymous said...

how about a post on the recent Supreme court rulings on DOMA and prop 8.

this is social justice in action!

just a thought

rcorum said...

Great speech, but I don't understand why the Senate ended up with a bill over 1,200 pages in length and tons of pork. After the last attempt in 1986 does it not make sense to secure our boarders first? My concern is not how an immigrant might vote, but I am concerned that there seem to be provisions in the bill that give those with new found legal status an advantage over current citizens for jobs. I read somewhere about a loophole which allows a previously undocumented worker to be hired but the employer is exempt from paying the penalty associated with Obama care.