Tuesday, July 09, 2013

A "Safety" Notice at a Christian Seminary

[Received this from a friend at a major private university with a  Christian theological seminary attached to it.  Maybe I'm missing something here???  This is advice communicated to students who are studying to be Christian leaders and ministers.

My friend, who shared the notice with me, responded in this way:  "i reckon, then, that the disciples of the Lord Jesus in this place have no ministry to a homeless human being struggling for existence in Indianapolis in this hellbent twenty-first century. We may simply consign him to the mercies of the [University] Police and the [state named] plutocracy. May God have mercy."

Indeed, Lord, have mercy on us all! This, in the shadow of a theological seminary?  It happens all the time here in Dallas in the shadows of many a Christian edifice where folks are called to join in grand entertainment.  Perchance we see the basis for the anemia of the church in the world today?  Luke 16:19ff????  Does anyone “see” this man, this child of God?  This “Jesus”? How welcome would persons like this man be in your church?]


We have been alerted that in the late nights and early mornings near the [seminary named] apartments at the corner of [name of] street and [name of ] Avenue, a male 5’8-5’9” with a thin build is going through the trash there at the apartments.  We also have reason to believe that this person is homeless and could be sleeping in bushes between our apartment buildings.  You are advised to contact [university name] Police at [phone number] or call local police at 911 if you spot this individual or any other suspicious individuals. 

[University name] Police is aware of this report and have been providing extra patrols this area and areas around our campus.  Please be aware that you may see police officers on foot with flashlights patrolling these areas as well. 

[Seminary name] students, staff and faculty should also be alert and aware of your surroundings and what is going around you.   If you notice anything suspicious, a car that looks out of place, a person wandering around the parking lot or building or anything out of the ordinary, please contact the [seminary name]  Facilities Maintenance or the [university name] police.  Those numbers are [phone number] (Facilities Maintenance), [Phone number] ([university name] Police emergency) and [phone number] (university name Police non-emergency).  If you are the victim of a crime, call the police first and then Facilities.  We all must work together to make [seminary name] a safe place to live, work and study.   

Stay safe!
Director of Facilities Management


Anonymous said...

I believe the university has a legal responsibility to protect its students.

Anonymous said...

I believe you are entirely missing the point. There is absolutely no indication this person is dangerous, only homeless. Yet a seminary's answer is to call the police if you see him, as opposed to trying to help him. If you can miss this point, you're just trying.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about that seminary, but at a local seminary I am familiar with, the university police act as a liaison between the homeless and Christian organizations standing ready to provide aid and assistance. The norm would be to direct the homeless man to the available ministries who want to help him. The university police are trained and equipped to handle the situation, whereas the seminary students are studying Greek and Aramaic. And certainly their families are not equipped for the job. Not every homeless man is a threat, but just being homeless does not make you a nice guy. It also does not prevent you from being mentally disturbed. To vilify this university police force without knowing what happens after they are contacted is short-sighted.

belinda said...

why do we (and i'm sadly including myself) tend to be afraid?? the man is homeless - that doesn't mean he's dangerous. "there - but by the grace of G-d - go i"

Anonymous said...

I agree with anon: 4:48

Irvin said...

This is fantastic!