Saturday, July 13, 2013

Eternal Lamp

The constant sun breaks through familiar shade trees,
My canopy bed of leaves, branches and damp heat
Cannot block the rising of this eternal lamp.

Once on the rise, the heat yields to nothing, to no one
In the task of warming the ground and radiating concrete,
My home in this unforgiving city.

My daily trek begins today, early before many rustle,
As always, somehow seeking food, water and a hassle-free day
Building against hunger, thirst and law enforcement.

The brilliant sun has not been informed of my
Criminal life and status in this city of great muchness,
Shining down on us all, even on me, one rejected.

Living in such blinding light, yet I remain unnoticed by most,
As if I am not here; But the salty sweat on my face
Reassures me that I am present indeed.

No matter how hot, this light, my friend,
The One with hot fierceness refusing not to
Turn its unfailing light on ME!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

There is no evidence that Travon Martin was shot because he was black. Gerald Britt should stop drinking the kool-aid. Where is his outrage at the dozens of black youth killed every week in Chicago, mostly by their peers? In fact, there are more whites killed by blacks than the other way around. When whites are killed by blacks, the media generally doesn't specify the race, unlike when a black is killed by a white person.

Just so you know Travon was only in the area because he had been suspended from school for a crime. He lived in the Miami area. Had he been prosecuted for the ctime he would have been at his home. That was his second crime in six months.