Friday, July 26, 2013

Street stuff. . .

Thursday on "the Corner" turned out extremely hot and humid.  

We enjoyed the presence of some guests who came to "hang out"--a couple of young business people with an idea for locating a manufacturing facility in the S. Dallas/Fair Park area; six CitySquare team members besides myself.  Then of course, the "parade" of scores of homeless friends who passed by, took advantage of the ice water and the conversation.

People seemed exceptionally weak today:

  • A sixty-year-old man with severe glaucoma which creates blindness that he can't afford to treat
  • A chronically homeless woman who has become a regular at "the Corner" suffering from what may be walking pneumonia
  • Several men and women with physical and psychological disorders who need treatment and can't seem to get it
  • A woman who graduated from an overcoming drug abuse program but who needs housing desperately
  • Several folks who went through our housing enrollment process who need housing so badly
  • Hungry, hungry people
  • Hot, tired, discouraged people
  • People asking again and again for work
  • A friend who is a chronic inebriate, but a friend who blessed me again, as he always does
  • A friend whose 90-year-old mother came by with his sister--he hadn't seen them in months--tearful
My buddy Joe, when asked by one of our staff members if we could help him, instructed the "people helper" with his ckipboard that "I'm taking over the conversation."  

Joe made my staff guy sit down.  He then said to him, "Sir, may I help you?  We have cold water if you'd like some."

Our staff guy answered wisely, "Yes, I'd love some water."

Joe retrieved a bottle of water and delivered it to his new friend with flourish.  

"There you are, sir," Joe declared.  "May I help you in some other way?"

The entire production was to drive home the point that being asked if you need help again and again gets really old, especially when you know you could help yourself and anyone else if you had the chance provided by the resources.

Worn out by people offering to "help" you.  There is a new notion, but one so true.

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