Thursday, August 08, 2013

Employment for crew hired off "the Corner"!

I love this photo!

Jerry James (shown here on one knee in front) serves as the "foreman" for our landscape crew.

We hired each of these folks off of "the Corner" where we show up on Thursdays for refreshments, conversation and friendship creation.

Jerry comes from a tough background himself that includes time behind bars.  He works as hard as anyone I've ever known.  His crew follows his lead.

This group of formerly unemployed, homeless persons executed the landscape plan for the Opportunity Center that CitySquare is building at the corner of Malcolm X and I-30.

What you see here is a moment in time on a pathway to renewal and transformation.

This is our work.


Anonymous said...

Concerning Gerald Britt's comments today, I would advise the ACU students, given the economy under Obama, to major in something that they can make a living doing. Whatever they are majoring in will probably be useless, probably some type of psychology.

Given the ease in getting food stamps. there is no reason children should go without lunch in summer. You are serving as an enabler to the parents.

Anonymous said...

What on earth does this comment have to do with people working as noted in Larry's post? Get a life! Please!

Anonymous said...

super cool about the homeless folks!!
Give people an opportunity such a great idea!

in regards to the first comment-if Britt would allow comments on his blog- folks would not need to piggyback comments on James blog- the fact that Larry defended Britts editorial is what has opened the door to all this crap.

Andrea said...

Fantastic results from a great organization. Thank you for doing so much to help people build their skill levels and show they are, indeed, interested in working and pushing back against circumstances and forces that collude to push them around. May the Opportunity Center always live up to its name.