Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Helpful comments

Across the years of my "blogging life" I've gone back and forth on moderating comments.  For most of the time that I've posted here, I've allowed any comment to be posted on this site.  Occasionally I've been forced to remove comments due to their highly offensive nature, but such action has been required on only a handful of occasions.  It has always been my policy to remove commercial comments.  In addition, I've welcomed comments from my "anonymous" friends and readers.

However, over the past couple of years the tone of a few readers has changed.

Comments often have nothing to do with what's been posted.  Often comments display hateful attitudes that provide no helpful thoughts or useful content.  Most of the offenders use my every post to lash out with  political statements having absolutely nothing to do with what I'm discussing.

As a result of this change in comment content on the part of a few readers, I've decided to change my editorial policy.

Beginning today, all comments posted to my blog will be moderated/reviewed before being allowed on the page for everyone to read.

As always, comments posted in opposition to ideas contained in what I post will be welcomed.  Honest, respectful debate will be encouraged on any subject or statement that I make or post here. Comments far afield of the subject at hand will be blocked.

In addition, hateful, disrespectful, outrageous and/or offensive comments will not be allowed onto my page.

While I encourage all readers to post their names to the comments offered, I will continue to accept anonymous comments which pass the test outlined here.

Thanks for following the conversation here.  I will do my best to release all of your helpful comments and ideas in a timely manner.


Anonymous said...

Bravo, Larry!

Anonymous said...

I think that's a good call.