Tuesday, August 06, 2013


I'll confess, I've never really thought much about the value of trees.

Oh, I've often been aware of their beauty.

As a kid, I climbed among their strong branches and up their trunks, at times even attempting to construct a house in the air.

Occasionally I've cursed the unruliness of certain varieties.

And, I've enjoyed the shade provided to my mostly all-window back porch.

But as far as the personal, actual value, the utility of a tree, I've been in the dark most of my life.

Standing on "the Corner" changed that for me.

We've been out there most weeks for the past 15 months.

During that time, I've learned to take refuge under a very ugly, unwieldy tree.

But, strangely, the tree has become my friend.

In the rain, it acts as a needed umbrella.

In the heat, it provides more than welcome shade.

Even in the winter, windy cold, it blocks the sting of freezing temperatures.

As I've related to the tree, it has occurred to me that trees are in large part a generous gift to people who have no home.

I truly believe God made trees for people like the ones I meet with on "the Corner" every Thursday afternoon.

Somehow I just can't look at trees the same anymore.

Judged by the music of their songs, I expect the birds agree with me.


Anonymous said...

Wonder where Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, and Gerald Britt are in regard to the serious beating of a white kid by three black kids. Hmmmm, must be a double standard.

Natasha L'nei said...

Great insight into the value of trees, Larry! I'm one of the ACU grad students interning with the HOT team and I can't help but see an analogy between the trees and the work we do here at CitySquare. We are trees for our neighbors, providing shade and support in their time of need, while allowing opportunities for them to climb our branches when they're ready. :)