Thursday, December 26, 2013

Homeless Outeach

Every month I receive a report from our Homeless Outreach Team (HOT Team) that summarizes their activities in Downtown Dallas. 

For the past several years Downtown Dallas, Inc. has contracted with CitySquare to do outreach in Downtown Dallas among the chronically homeless neighbors who call these hard streets "home." 

Here's a snapshot of the November report (with annual totals/YTD included):
  • HOT engaged 157 (2266 YTD) different persons
  • 76 (1145 YTD) individuals allowed the team to conduct assessments
  • 76 (845 YTD) happened to be first time neighbors
  • 81 (649 YTD) were returning neighbors
  • HOT referred 83 (1252 YTD) for more intensive/extensive case management services
  • 1 (22 YTD) person was placed in permanent supportive housing
  • 18 (153 YTD) were referred to and placed at local shelters
  • 42 (98 YTD) were approved for Dallas Housing Authority apartments and were waiting to be placed
  • 4 (38 YTD) neighbors received medical treatment
  • 2 (35 YTD) received psychiatric services
  • 1 (8 YTD) was referred for substance abuse treatment
  • 10 (55 YTD) received bus passes for DART
  • Funding was provided for 24 (199 YTD) persons to go back to their homes after a plan was worked out with family/friends at destination
  • HOT provided 26 (207 YTD) local transport to various places/appointments
  • 50 (211 YTD) received clothing
  • 1 (14 YTD) person received food
  • 13 (102 YTD) received hygiene packs
CitySquare's HOT team is making a big difference in the lives of homeless persons who move about in the central business district.  Friendships are being made and evidence of progress is seen daily.  Further, public safety has improved dramatically. 

That said, we expect funding for the continuation of these efforts to be under great pressure in 2014 to be cut.  I'm hoping the business community supporting Downtown Dallas will seriously consider extending the funding and the public service.  The benefit will be shared by all of us.

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