Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Wisdom from a good friend

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Anonymous said...

There is an interesting article in the British magazine, "The Economist" from Nov. 9, that sheds some light on school preformance and poverty.

A study was done on children who were eligable for free meals at school. Black immigrant children from Africa,Bangladesh, and Pakistan met the standards on school tests 60% of the time while white English children met the standards only 30% of the time.

This is opposite of white children in the U.S. who score better tham blacks and Hispanics.

The only thing the white children in England and the blacks in America had in common was this. They have both been protrayed as victims, in England by class and in America by race.

Back in the 1940's before the vast expansion of the welfare state, and the ideology of victimhood used to justify it, there was no such gap on test scores between the black schools in Harlem and white, working class schools on New York's lower east side.

Something to think about.