Saturday, January 11, 2014

Good news on CitySquare pharmacy!

[CitySquare's South Dallas health clinic is a winner! Read on. . .]

CitySquare Leadership Team (and all):

 Our clinic pharmacy had a surprise visit yesterday from the Texas State Board of Pharmacy. The state inspector showed up at about 10a. m.– completely unannounced. These visits are anticipated but it is always nerve-racking when they actually happen.

 For a historical perspective:  we were officially inspected by the State Board of Pharmacy about 6-7 years ago.

 Congratulations are in order – they passed us with flying colors!

 I am so proud and pleased to report that we received 0– repeat zero –actionable items for the future. This is wonderful news.


 Very special thanks to: Crystal Maturino, POR pharmacy assistant, and Oneyda de la O, LVN, for doing everything right–i.e. greeting the inspector, checking his credentials, contacting our Pharmacist (Carlos Alvarez) and answering all his questions prior to Carlos arriving and retrieving all requested information during the survey.

 Sincere thanks to both of you. Carlos– thank you so much for ensuring our success with this inspection. Without your counsel and oversight we would not be where we are today. We appreciate you. Carlos told me that it is not unusual for pharmacies to receive 1 or 2 items that require a written action plan. We received no action items. Wow! Outstanding.

 I know you will all echo my sentiments to this great team for all their hard work and dedication in the CitySquare pharmacy! Congratulations to clinic team!

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