Monday, January 20, 2014

Remembering Dr. King, a man who tackled reality

Martin Luther King, Jr. was a man and a leader who operated with huge, significant ideas.  His moral philosophy challenged a nation to change, and change deeply. 

But throughout his life and career Dr. King matched his amazing thought life with practical, down-to-earth action.  He confronted the very real, often long-ignored problems of ordinary people who were living in and facing oppression, unfairness and injustice every day. 

King didn't let the majority of unknowing, thoughtless Americans stop or deter him from his mission or his concrete action in pursuing it. 

King died in Memphis, Tennessee because he decided to take action along with hundreds of low-paid, unorganized sanitation workers who simply sought the right to organize and to bargain collectively for higher wages and safer working conditions following the deaths on the job of a number of fellow workers. 

Martin Luther King, Jr. distinguished himself  in many ways. 

For me, as I think of him today, he was primarily a man of love and action. 

He showed us the way. 

May we develop the courage and nurture the faith that he displayed so clearly and effectively. 

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