Friday, February 21, 2014

Life can change

When I first met Eddie, he sat in his wheelchair in front of the Downtown YMCA panhandling folks who walked by him on their way to workout inside.  Lots of well-intentioned people, including me, gave Eddie money, meals and provided occasional nights in nearby hotels.  My staff chided me and forced me to swear off helping Eddie in the manner I normally did.

So, Eddie became a friend of CitySquare.  Or, maybe better, CitySquare became Eddie's friend.  There were times when he likely didn't consider us his friend!  Tough love can be difficult.  

Eddie's had a misfire or two on his way off of the cold, hot, mean, lonely streets of Downtown Dallas.  I won't go into anymore detail, it's really nobody's business but Eddie's.  Still, I can't help but celebrate his victories and his hard-won progress.  And, I can't resist the urge to tout the great work accomplished by our team of street workers here at CitySquare.  

Here's a great set of photos of Eddie signing a lease to his new apartment before getting a "new look" for his new start.  I gotta tell you, these photos made my day!

Congrats, Eddie!

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